First, the Politekniks shall offer VET services needed by the Industry.


APII develops Industrial Courses to be offered by the Politekniks to the Industry Members: Advanced education for companies' staff and service professionals in

– maintenance engineering on the mamangement, supervisor and operator levels,

– product based training and certification of service professionals.


The industry course program shall be multiplied (several degree levels, additional course contents of common interest), and it is at the same time the main source of income for APII which is to be paid an appropriate development cost participation based on the number of industrial courses performed over the time.


Second, APII shall organize and promote an Internship Program, according to which Politeknik students are sent as trainees to Industry Members for practical trainings of a few months once to twice during their studies. The internship program is as well in the interest of the industry, as the companies get "access" to potential future high skilled employees. The program can also be considered as a pre-stage of the Apprenticeship Program to follow.


Third, Apprenticeship Programs shall be organized with selected employer companies and Politekniks, based on the experience gained through the Internship Programs, and comparable to Swiss/European dual VET apprenticeship systems.


Through this approach, an ever closer cooperation between Politekniks and Industry Mmbers is aimed at. The process shall be accompanied by government authorities competent for Politeknik development, approvals and permits involved.


Parallel to this school-industry integration, APII shall organize and perform a series of School Development Programs for its Politeknik Members, such as strategy development seminars, teacher training programs, curricula development support, school evaluations, and others.



APII shall operate self-supporting after three years. The setup-process is coached and supported by SITECO, contributing knowhow and network contacts to Swiss/European vocational schools, industry organizations, support institutions and states authorities.