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Industry Courses

The first APII Industry Course Program is the Maintenance Management Training starting end of July 2017. Further Programs are being developed and negotiated with Ministries and cooperation partner companies and institutions.


– Mechatronic dual education / Pendidikan Mekatronika dual system

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Modul 1 

At ATMI Solo: April 1 – April 28, 2018 

At Polman Astra May 21 – June 9. 2018

Pictures from the first training in Solo

Modul 2 

At ATMI Solo: May 7 – May 19, 2018 

At ATMI Cikarang Juni 25 – July 25, 2018

Modul 3 

At ATMI Solo: June 25 – July 21, 2018 

At Polman Bandung: Sept 3 – Sept 28, 2018

Modul 4 

At ATMI Solo: Augustus 6 – Augsustus 18, 2018 

At ATMI Chikirang: Oct 8 – Oct 19, 2018

Modul 5 

At ATMI Solo: Augustus 27 – Sept 8, 2018 

At Polman Bandung: Nov 5 – Nov 16, 2018

Modul 6

At ATMI Solo: October 2018

At ATMI Chikirang: October 2018



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– Maintenance Management Training

– Aircraft MRO Upgrade (in planning)

Internship Program

Apprenticeship Program

Technical/Industrial Development Projects

School Development Support

– Instructor Training in Europe

 In 2017, the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education launched a program to retool and upgrade the competencies of lecturers of higher vocational education in 8-12 week courses in various countries. 2 pilot courses for lecturers in engineering were organized by SITECO in Nov/Dec 2017, one in Switzerland (at ZbW St. Gallen and SR Technics, Zurich Aerport), and one in Austria (at HTL St. Pölten). SITECO has submitted a concept for similar upgrade courses in the "dual vocational education countries " Germany, Austria and Switzerland ("D-A-CH") for the next years. APII is considered to take an important role in the preparation phase of the courses (recruiting of Polytechnics and lecturers), as well as in the follow-up/implementation phase after completion of the courses. pictures


– School Machinery and Equipment Upgrade (in planning)

IT Exchange Platform Schools/Industry