There are two categories of Politeknik Members:

– Ordinary Politeknik Members, experienced in methods of dual VET, and

– Observing Politeknik Members, not yet experienced in methods of dual VET.

Founding Members

ATMI       Cikarang

– Started 2003 by ATMI Surakarta as private Politeknik

– School own factory for produc-tion and dual VET

– 2012 Mechatronic Center opened with SITECO

– Courses in poly-mechanic, mecha-tronic and mainte-nance engineering (planned)    






ATMI        Surakarta

– Started 1968 with support by Swiss Government as private Politeknik

– Swiss Jesuit Pater Johann Casutt introduces dual VET model based on school own factory

– Casutt visionary leader for > 45 years

– Courses in poly-mechanic, mecha-tronic and industrial design    





Polman        ASTRA

– Started 1995 as private Politeknik

– Integrated in ASTRA International, biggest industrial conglomerate of Indonesia

– Practising dual VET with ASTRA companies

– 4 courses with 7 concentrations in technical professions, automotive industry oriented    




Polman Bandung

– Started 1976 with support by Swiss Government, today states owned Politeknik

– Dedicated to "production based education" in cooperation with regional industry

– 4 courses (polymechanic, industrial design, foundry, mecha-tronic/automation)

– Diploma IV (bachelor of applied sciences) in polymechanic    

Ordinary Politeknik Members

Observing Politeknik Members