Partner Institutions

Indonesian and international organizations are welcome to join APII as Partner Institutions, such as industry organizations, educational institutions, states institutions and private support organizations. Cooperations are individually agreed with APII on the basis of specific Memorandums of Understanding, Letters of Intent or Cooperation or Support Agreements.



The Ministry of Industry is represented in the board of APII and supports its efforts towards integration of the industry in vocational education, aiming at the establishment of an apprentice system as proven in dVET countries like Switzerland, Germany, Austria and others.

MORTHE Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education

MORTHE / DIKTI started to implement the so called "Revitalization of Vocational Higher Education" program which, among others, aims to retool and upgrade the competencies of lecturers of higher vocational education ("hVET") in Indonesia. The Program shall be conducted over 5 years, it focuses on three areas of competency, in particular on

1. food resilience,

2. energy resilience and

3. engineering supporting connectivity (general engineering supporting land, air and sea trans-portation).


APII / SITECO were actively involved in this program in 2017 as part of the  intensive short-term courses (the "Courses") of 8 - 10 weeks duration for Indonesian hVET lecturers in the mentioned areas, provided by several correspondingly specialized, high-ranking hVET institutions which are experienced in the method of dual vocational education ("dVET"), in particular in Germany ("D"), Austria ("A") and Switzerland ("CH") (commonly referred to as "D-A-CH"-countries).


SITECO is a Swiss NGO, a private non-profit association promoting dual vocational education abroad, in particular in emerging and developing countries. APII is based on a concept and businessplan developed by SITECO, which continues to act as initiator, facilitator, know-how provider and supporter of APII.


The Swiss State Secetariat for Economic Affairs SECO substantially supports the setup and implementation of APII on the basis of concept and businessplan developed by SITECO.

Swisscontact / S4C : Swisscontact is the business-oriented independent foundation for international development cooperation and promotes economic, social and environmental development. Swisscontact is the leading implementer for the new Vocational Training Programme "Skills for Competitiveness" (S4C) in Indonesia in collaboration with SITECO and the Fachhochschule Biel. The Skills for Competitiveness (S4C), financed by SECO is aligned to national strategies and based on clear demand from the Government of Indonesia (GoI). S4C shall spearhead an overall breakthrough of VET reforms in Indonesia and reinforce the relationship between the education system and the local industry to strengthen quality of training and employability of graduates.


SEQUA / IHK Trier : As the APII and the SEQUA project (partnerships with the private sector in vocational education) target the involvement of industry in vocational education, both agreed on a close collaboration through strengthening vocational and professional skills aptitude for coaching apprentice and interns in the companies. In this regard, APII stakeholders participated in AdA (Ausbildung der Ausbilder – vocational teacher trainings) trainings in order to foster independent, activity-based learning among apprentices & trainees in the context of specific work and business processes. Throughout the training, participants were exposed to the particular cooperation among school and industry of the dual vocational education system as applied in Germany and Switzerland.


DEG Invest / :  Through the programme, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) promotes companies investing in developing and emerging countries that are seeking ways to make their entrepreneurial actions more sustainable. The intention is to combine business interests and development-policy criteria. Since August 2017, APII is a partner with the German industry PT E-T-A for the implementation of a 2-years PPP project with the aim is to develop a modular curriculum to enhance the capacity of already experienced professionals in the industry to act as trainers for young professionals. The training approach is based on the needs of the industry in Indonesia and the first industry training in mechatronics has successfully started in April 2018.

GIZ is a German federally-owned public benefit enterprise, working in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. The Indonesian-Germanproject named „Sustainable Economic Development through Technical and Vocational Education and Training“ (SED-TVET) aimed to help Indonesia improve the employability of its TVET graduates and the workforce across selected regions between January 2010 and June 2017. APII is in close contact and maintains fruitful exchanges with the project as well as with the new Indonesian-Germanproject „Innovation and Investment for Inclusive Sustainable Economic Development“ (ISED).


Eurocham: EuroCham, as an organisation that both promotes European business interests and supports the Indonesian government at the same time, is eager to reinforce the relationship between the education system and the local industry in increasing the quality of training and employability of graduates. Having an active Human Resources Member Forum, EuroCham truly believes in the impact of empowering Indonesia’s young generation with skills that will be essential for future growth. In this regard, Eurocham and APII jointly organize a CEO talk on ‘Mechanisms and impacts of dual vocational education for Industry in Indonesia’, scheduled 15th May 2018