APII Business Plan, as developed 2015 by SITECO and revised/updated by the APII Management in 2017, in 4 phases:


Phase 1 (2015/2016) "Feasibility Study & Start up":

After the signing of the APII MoU by the 4 founding Politekniks on November 3rd, 2015, the business plan is verified and adjusted where necessary. Industry Members are evaluated, the legal form of incorporation of APII is clarified, and services are planned more in detail.


Phase 2 (2016/2017) "Pilot Project":

Based on the final concept, industry courses and instructor trainings are planned and initiated with the founding Politekniks in the lead, supported by SITECO. 


Phase 3 (2018/2019) "Full Project Implementation":

Based on the experience of Phase II, APII enters into full operating modus, including the setup of appropriate staff and infrastructure. The membership is enlarged, and the service programs are put into full operation. 


Phase 4 (2020/2022) "Self-Supporting":

APII operates on a self-supporting basis, becomes a recognized Indonesian Trade Association and broadens its membership basis as well as its service programs. Furthermore, new industries / professions are added to the dual VET system established.